Thursday, October 1, 2015

Edward Snowden didn’t turn off emails from Twitter and received 47GB of notifications

Sometime between joining Twitter and sending his first tweet, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden forgot to check his notification settings. If he did, he might've noticed that by default Twitter sends email notifications for pretty much every social interaction.


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Tweetbot 4 is the new best way to use Twitter on iOS

There was a time when I’d swear by Tweetbot. Tapbots’ quirky iOS Twitter client won a ton of people over way back in 2011 with its blend of smart design and strong personality — for a time, I’d have called it the best way to use Twitter.

But as Twitter tightened the noose around third-party developers' necks and denied them access to new features, it’s been harder and harder to use anything but the official client. I keep both around, but use Twitter’s own app more often than not.

Well, now Tweetbot 4 is here. And after having used it for a couple of days, I’m going to switch back.

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Tweetbot 4.0 Becomes The Best Alternative Twitter Client For iPhone And Now iPad

IMG_2134 Third-party Twitter client Tweetbot is back with a new major version. Developed by two-man development studio Tapbots, Tweetbot has been a long-time favorite of iOS Twitter users who were dissatisfied with the official versions of the Twitter apps. With this new version, Tweetbot secures this position thanks to a few great new features, starting with a huge iPad update. Read More